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When you love Painting, Light and Nature odds are you’ll probably most enjoy to paint from life, and outdoors. So do I.

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This December I introduce a bunch of New great Card Sets. Double Square Cards + Envelopes.

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A Painter Paints. To Painters who aspire to become professionals I say: You can only make 1 mistake in Painting, which is Not to Paint (or Not Enough). Don’t judge yourself (too much). Just Show up and Paint, again and again. Set your results Aside (Detach yourself from it: Don’t think it’s Great, Don’t think it’s Awful) and Embrase every new Start. I believe that’s the only way to climb the (Painting) Ladder. There are really no Shortcuts, but there are a Lot of Mental Barriers to Overcome. This is (Yes!) learnable. - Roos Schuring