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Great Gift Idea – Sinterklaas kadootje

Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) is our Santa Claus. In fact Santa = Sint. Historically it’s a fact.

“Sinterklaas” we celebrate December 5th with presents. Some/most of us here celebrate both Sinterklaas and Christmas. Some have a Santa in their yard, that’s part of globalisation, but fun.
Seeking for a present still? Maybe you or your ‘art friends’ would like my Art Calendar 2015.
Wall Calendar 2015 “Gazing the Sun” – 12 Paintings about Sun(rise).

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Seascape California 12

Sometimes we are painting is such bright light, full sunshine on the canvas, looking at the finished painting indoors it will be darker than expected. This is the case for this painting. My purple was so bright and all values ‘just right’. I was painting on the narrow path so there wasn’t really a way to turn the easel.

Will remember for next time to make sure to key everything lighter when painting in full sunlight. Yes you will say try the umbrella.. but that too differs the colors and more stuff to drag along. I’ll use the key in keying. ;)


CA12-2014 Seascape California Schuring “Magical spot at Whalers Cove”
24 x 30 cm | 9.6″ x 11.8″ Available

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Painting in California’s Grand Landscape. New video: Impression scenery and motive.

I was viewing a few videos on meditation and it seemed a good idea to put music in -which referes to the Reverence* (*previous post) of the landscape. As I’ve travelled the world I feel a landscape talks to a painter beyond the ‘local senses’ and as this landscape belonged to the Native Indians (let’s face it) I feel this all fits together. [Spiritual reverence is what we need in order to paint with magic.] A lot of big words, but maybe nice to address this side of painting also sometimes, anyway, I did now ;). Hope you will Enjoy!


Watch it here or click the image.

I think not many people realize what ‘Painting’ is, or ‘being a painter’. Sometimes I have people participate in a Masterclass and they come out of it with renewed respect, learning ‘how difficult’ Painting really is. Luckily not many people know, so they’ll start it.

CA16-2014 Seascape California Schuring  Morning Shade at the Pit

Some people thought I had created this painting very fast. Showing this video, I might had to put a line of text in saying: this painting took several hours, no, not meaning two. The original video was a bunch op clips taken in a 4+ hour period. My brushstrokes often so slow, deciding, how and what, that’s too boring for you (!). We edit video, speed things up.

video demo cali

Birth of this Painting is on Video here

Painting IS hard. And a good painting is hard to come by, create. A good painting is worth every penny. A good painting represents/evokes bliss. At least that’s what I think (in my humble opinion about ‘good art’). That’s a discussion for another time. (hahahaha) (A sure loosing battle for me. I can’t relate to art critics most often.)

Bliss, beauty, nature, light. Being there, and joining in. Being bored, finding something, the changes in the sky. Just starting and finding the joy. What paint can do! Very often I/many others don’t know what they created really. It’s often later we can see what we did. Did we succeed beyond expectations. Or did we go under it. 

I think every painter has certainly a few years ahead of him/her where the expectancies are higher than the outcomes. Inside you know you can do it, but the results don’t show it (yet). That’s the hard part. And I think ALL PAINTERS have this phase.
Maybe some get it right away, to lose it after, spending years to find it again. Painting is Poetry. Painting is Magic. You can’t force it faster/better. 

Painting is influenced by your inner self. You can work on your inner being to become a better painter. This I believe. Unhappy people can’t create happy art. To put it in simple terms. If you can’t see beauty you certainly can’t paint it. If you have reference I mean Reverence definition: “a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe” you will surely paint it beautifully. Now I know that the technical side of people needs time to develop too. That’s the ‘execution difference’. This is what separates the good from the ‘newbie’s’.

“It’s a Science!” We were saying this in California. Those great painters brought together, we are each of us fixated on painting, colors, everything about what we can see. Paterns, ideas pop up. It’s a very blissful life, being a painter. BUT I haven’t talked about the lesser romantic side of things. I will in coming times.


Be well!


back to normalThank you!!

It was a great ride and a long month promoting away. The trips, the plans, the paintings, how and what to communicate with you. The pr materials and new sites. I wish to thank you for the likes, comments, emails and sales!! Coming month I’ll return to ‘normal blog and social behaviour’ all the best!!!!!




Of course I have not shared all paintings from California at this blog yet. So I will continue with #11, after come the landscapes. I have also a few more Videos SOON. :)


Cityscape California 8

When you’re doing nightscapes more often you’ll notice even the night is never the same. The light and colors are influenced by weather, moist, the sky. Here the hazy fog coloured the scene warm.


CA08-2014 Cityscape California Schuring “Night View on Street Hillsides II”
20 x 20 cm | 8″x 8″ Available

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Here I have a led light on the palette.. however I had better ideas to stir colors
because in the yellow natrium light colors can hardly be seen and a led doesn’t cover it.: